Guest Volunteering

Many volunteers from all over the world and all walks of life have visited the island over the years, for short or longer periods of time, in order to help wherever help was needed.

Joining the resident volunteers in their daily tasks has proven to be a wonderful way to connect to island life in an informal way. At the moment we have the following arrangement for volunteer guests on Holy Isle:

Part-time volunteering

We offer a 25% reduced rate in return for a half day's work in the spirit of "help where help is needed" in either the kitchen, housecare, garden, or environment.

The 2022 accommodation fees for part-time volunteering are:

  • Single rooms - £45 per night
  • Twin rooms - £33 per person per night 
  • Dormitory beds (eight persons per dorm, men and women have separate dorms) - £26 per person per night.

These prices include your veggie/vegan meals each day. 

Please book through the "Book online" button above and when filling out your contact details, scroll down the page to the "Special requests" box and indicate you want to do some guest volunteering.