Day Visiting

When you step off the ferry onto Holy Isle, you will be met whenever possible by one of the resident volunteers who will tell you about the different walks you can make on the island and answer any questions you may have.

We keep the Centre itself reserved for the people who stay there for the night, but you are welcome to take a look at the Organic Vegetable Garden and you can usually enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee in the Information Centre. This is a historic little building just south of the jetty, used in the past as living quarters, classroom, barn, and boathouse, and recently transformed into what it is now a cosy space cool in the summer and comfortably warm when the fire is lit on chilly rainy days.

Lama Yeshe requests that to protect Holy Isle as a sacred space, all who visit will endeavour to be in harmony with the island's aims of promoting world peace and health by following the Five Golden Rules.

The Holy Isle Ferry is operated by a separate company from us. For further details about Lamlash Cruises and the Holy Isle Ferry service including day visitor crossings please use these contact details:




Phone Grant 07534 320107

Lamlash Cruises will now make regular trips  throughout the summer season, that circumnavigate the island at a leisurely pace, for those who would like to enjoy the beauty of the east side of the island and see the island from a different angle.

Please note that the trustees of the island have requested that no fires are lit and that you leave any pets on Arran so the wildlife on Holy Isle can remain undisturbed. We strongly discourage camping anywhere on the island.