Ratnadevi and Kristine McKenzie-Janson


I am a mindfulness and movement teacher with decades of experience training and supervising mindfulness teachers: www.livingmindfulness.net.

Trained as a yoga teacher, I highly value the inclusion of mindful movement on any retreat and in daily life, drawing on a large palette of methods, including yoga, Feldenkrais Method and chi-kung. My classes and retreats are characterised by a warm and open atmosphere and a spirit of inquiry, free of any dogma.

For 5 years I lived and worked in a residential Buddhist retreat centre for women in Shropshire and in 1992 I became a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order (when I received my Buddhist name). I am a certified transformational coach and offer 1-2-1 mindful coaching.

My first degree is in music and movement and in 2007 was awarded a practice- based PhD in Creative Arts at Dartington College, Devon. The title of my thesis was Gestures towards Emptiness - an exploration of ritual with reference to Buddhist tradition and innovation and it is available online. It includes many examples of my artwork.

In 2022 my first full length book was published under the title: ‘Bringing Mindfulness to Life’ and there is a 5 min film about it.


Quite a long way from my roots in Holland, I found a homecoming on this beautiful Holy Isle sixteen years ago when I first encountered the possibility of mind-training there in the form of (mindfulness) meditation.

Since getting a taste of connecting to the fullness of experience in a conscious way, I have been a dedicated and at times slightly fanatical meditation practitioner. On Holy Isle I spent four years studying and practising meditation, and took a one-year ordination as a Tibetan Buddhist nun in my full-hearted exploration of Buddhism.

After my time as a nun, I began looking to make the benefits of sustained meditation practice available and accessible to those living their lives in the ‘real world’, exploring a conscious, proactive attitude to life and work. It is a daily joy to do so in the form of offering Mindfulness training in different contexts.

To learn about the delivery of mindfulness, I have trained extensively with Rob Nairn, the inspirational founder of the Mindfulness Association (MA). I feel very lucky to have been a part of the tutor team of the MA since 2010, soon after their flying start, and be involved in providing training in the deepening levels of mindfulness, compassion and insight. On the Teacher Training Pathway it has been a delight to explore with others how to share and embody the practice. The MA has full course tutorship on the University of Aberdeen’s MSc in Mindfulness programme for which I am one of the Honorary Fellows.

Since the birth of my son four years ago, I have become more and more interested in the outer practice of engaged mindfulness: how can I respond to the challenges I see in the world around me? To deepen my understanding and practice in this area, I am currently participating in the Facilitator Development Programme of the Work That Reconnects, and am inspired and encouraged by exploring together with others the big questions around compassion in action.

 I am also a qualified art therapist, having earned my BA (Hons) degree at the Hogeschool Leiden in Holland in 2004.

For more information on my work, please visit www.earthymindfulness.com.