Sarah Wass and Susie Atkin

Sarah Wass and Sue Atkins
Sarah Wass
Sarah works as an artist and art therapist, in South East Scotland. She also works further afield as a group Tara Rokpa therapist. 
She has been involved with Tara Rokpa since 2004, first as a group participant, then as a trainee therapist and now as a group therapist and facilitator. 
She was fortunate to receive guidance from Akong Rinpoche during his life.

Susie Atkin UKCP, TRTA.

Susie moved to live near Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland over 40 years ago to study and practice with Akong Rinpoche, the founder member and highly qualified teacher of meditation and spiritual development.

Her initial career which spanned 25 years, was in teaching young children.

Since qualifying as a Tara Rokpa Therapist in 2001 Susie has developed a private psychotherapy practice at Samye Ling and in Edinburgh (Tara Trust, 12, Marchhall Crescent, EH 16 5HL).

She also travels regularly to groups throughout Europe & the rest of the world to present Tara Rokpa Group Therapy weekend workshops.

Her work is also informed by training and experience of Stress Management & those who have experienced trauma & who may be dealing with PTSD & other related bodily held symptoms.

The study and practice of Tibetan meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy underpin all of her work. Susie acknowledges the personal transformative effect this has had on her own life.