Dreams of Awakening

Lucid Dreaming Immersive Retreat

22 July 2022 - 26 July 2022

Leader: Charlie Morley

Cost Information: Cost: £240 single room, £352 for two people sharing a twin, £136 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee £160

Course outline

In this immersive lucid dreaming retreat Charlie Morley shows us how to transform the third of our lives that we spend asleep by learning how to dream lucidly and sleep consciously.

Open to complete beginners (as well as seasoned lucid dreamers) the retreat will include everything you need to learn how to lucid dream and to wake up to your fullest potential. We’ll combine a 12-hour daily schedule with optional night-time practices to create the best possible conditions for having lucid dreams.

Charlie’s teaching style is highly practical: using music, movement and interactive exercises to help deepen the learning experience. 

We will explore:

•How to lucid dream

• The benefits of lucid dreaming.

• Dream Planning (Charlie’s 3 step process)

• Yoga Nidra

•Breathwork exercises to help induce lucid dreams.

The retreat includes teachings on the history, science and practice of lucid dreaming from both the Western and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, instructions on how to maintain awareness into sleep, recognition of the dreamlike nature of reality and of course plenty of practical teachings on learning how to lucid dream.

Highlights include:

• Optional night time practice sessions

• Lucidity psychodrama exercises

• Optional daily naps

• Periods of silence and reflection

• Daily dream sharing circles

How do the optional night-time practices work exactly? Participants can choose to spend the second half of the night sleeping in the workshop space where Charlie will guide them into several sessions of lucid dream practice. The night-time wake ups are totally optional though so if you would prefer to stay in your room then that’s absolutely fine.

If you do intend to do the night-time sessions please bring:

•          A camping mattress/roll matt

•          A sleeping bag/blanket.

•          Extra pillow if you need one

•          Enthusiasm and a sense of humour!

This retreat takes a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming best suited to those interested in psychological integration and spiritual growth. The end goal is to become- in the words of Charlie’s teacher Lama Yeshe Rinpoche- more awake, more aware, more kind.


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