7 Sep 2021 - The Centre remains closed but the Holy Isle Ferry starts again

THE HOLY ISLE FERRY RESUMES SERVICE FOR DAY VISITORS The Centre for World Peace and Health on the Holy Isle remains closed to guests. Our season usually finishes at the end of October and we are still engaged in building and renovation work. We hope to reopen in the New Year and to run a full... Read more

7 Apr 2021 - Coronavirus Update

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE Now that Scotland begins to open again, we are delighted to see yachters and kayakers landing on the Holy Isle to walk and enjoy nature. The Centre for World Peace and Health on the Holy Isle remains closed this Spring and we are not yet taking any bookings. For the time being, our little information... Read more

27 Nov 2018 - Privacy Statement

*PRIVACY STATEMENT* Rokpa Trust and all its branches are committed to handling personal data fairly, transparently and in accordance with the Rokpa Trust Data Protection Policy.  The personal data we hold are names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for the purpose of keeping interested people informed of our activities and facilities offered.  In the case of donors... Read more

1 Sep 2016 - Spotlight on St Molaise - Pilgrimage of the Heart to Holy Island

Bless to me, O God, the earth beneath my foot, Bless to me, O God, the path whereon I go, Bless to me, O God, the thing of my desire, Thou ever more of evermore, Bless Thou to me my rest.  - The Carmina Gadelica, III, 181(1)** The earliest recorded name for Holy Island was Inis Shroin, which is old Gaelic for ‘Island of... Read more

21 Jul 2016 - Dharma Courses by Donation

Dear All,  You may already be aware that Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, the Abbot of Kagyu Samye Ling, made a decision in 2015 in honour of Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche to offer the Dharma courses in Samye Ling without any course fees.  Here on Holy Isle we would like to follow this example, and so from... Read more