The Centre remains closed but the Holy Isle Ferry starts again

7 Sep 2021

The Centre for World Peace and Health on the Holy Isle remains closed to guests. Our season usually finishes at the end of October and we are still engaged in building and renovation work.
We hope to reopen in the New Year and to run a full programme of courses, workshops and retreats in 2022.
The island itself has been open to visitors since lockdown easing back in May. However, the Holy Isle Ferry has been running a skeleton service for the Holy Isle residents, for which we are extremely grateful and has not been able to bring day visitors across. Thus far, the only people we have been able to welcome to the island this summer are kayakers, yachters and other folk with their own boats.
Last week, the Holy Isle Ferry began a service for day visitors once again, bringing across a group of more than 20.
We look forward to welcoming many more day visitors for the rest of summer and autumn. You can check out the latest Holy Isle Ferry updates at

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