Kurikara Ryu Heiho

25 July 2019 - 30 July 2019

Leader: John Evans

Cost Information: £590 Single Room, £515 Twin each, £475 Dorm. All inclusive.

Course outline

Kurikara ryu is a system of Heiho or strategy. This is a method of cultivation based on Japanese swordsmanship and the internal training methods required to support this art. The principles of this system are contained in the Kujiho (nine characters) mandala - a Vajrayana based teaching that evolved among the yamabushi (Japanese mountain monks).  The afternoon classes will focus onSword mandala small2the 5 element sword kata of Kurikara Ryu - JISSHIN (earthquake - element earth), UZUMAKI (whirlpool - element water), INAZUMA (lightning - element fire), OIKAZE (chasing wind - element air) and KUGEKI (the void seed - element space). The morning classes will focus on the YOFUKU ENMAN tanren (inner and outer conditioning) sequence.  

The course will be taught by John Maki Evans 7th Dan the author of Kurikara - the Sword and The Serpent (Blue Snake Books 2010). Participants must have some proficiency in sword arts and experience of internal training. 

Applications to John Evans.

Email: info@battodo-fudokan.co.uk