Mindfulness, Meditation and Nature

Experience Mindfulness, Meditation and connecting with Nature

29 May 2020 - 01 June 2020

Leader: Catherine Brannan and Chris Saunders

Cost Information: Cost: £165 single room, £240 for two people sharing a twin, £96 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee £140, payable as registration fee.

Course outline

This is an outdoor experiential weekend, deepening the connection with yourself by inviting nature along as your companion.

Mindfulness practice whilst being outdoors very often cultivates a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world. The intimacy of this connection supports clarity and insight with a deepening understanding of knowing one’s place in the web of life.

In today’s world of ever increasing eco-anxiety, where we are concerned about human destruction of our planet, mindfulness practice outdoors is an opportunity to wake up to the preciousness of each moment and the beauty of the earth we all share. It allows you to touch a sense of wonder, joy, love and connection to your own true nature and that of Mother Nature.

Whether you are new to or already following a practice of mindfulness and/or nature connection, this retreat offers this combination to create a powerful synthesis, often resulting in feelings of self-insight, wonder, gratitude and positive emotions.  There are so many benefits from such an experience in this incredible setting, far from the frantic pace of everyday life.

This course will begin in the evening of Friday 29th May. There will be a final session Monday 1st in the morning.


Friday evening will be an overview of Mindful Living, particularly of the 5 senses as well as an intro to nature connection.

Saturday will be self insight and self reflection.  Supported by Shinrin Yoku (Japanese Forest Being).

Sunday will be on relationships; internally and externally.

Monday morning will be the vision for the future and letting go of the past.

Each evening after dinner, there will be an invite to attend outdoors for chat and reflection (weather permitting).

Enquiries & Bookings 

For all enquiries and booking, please contact Cath Brannan on 07742893966 or

Accommodation: There is single, twin room and dormitory accommodation available - please indicate the accommodation you would like when you contact Cath. She will then contact Holy Isle to book your room. See this website for pricing. Payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival on Holy Isle.