From the Holy Isle to Buddha

An exploration of the journey of Buddhism, from its roots in India 2,600 years ago to its blossoming and continuing to benefit beings on Holy Isle, and the world, today.

02 August 2019 - 06 August 2019

Leader: Ani Rinchen Khandro

Cost Information: Cost: £220 single room, £320 for two people sharing a twin, £128 dorm. Full board and lodging costs.

Course fee by donation

Course outline

Ani Rinchen Khandro returns to Holy Isle with a Bank Holiday Weekend Retreat suitable for all those with an interest in Buddhism and it’s relevance to busy, 21st Century life.

Following last year’s well received course, From Buddha to Holy Isle, Ani Rinchen Khandro completes the full circle with From Holy Isle to Buddha. This is both a follow up to it’s predecessor and a stand alone course. Following a brief recap on how Buddha Dharma came from India, via Tibet to the West, and in particular to Holy Isle, we will explore how best to use it now it is here. By looking into some of the fundamental teachings we see how to apply them practically in order to benefit ourself and others.Walking in the natural beauty of Holy Isle’s unspoilt landscape and meditating in some of its sacred spaces can further inspire our journey through inner space towards discovering the Buddha within. 

Suitable for Buddhists and interested non- Buddhists, as well as beginner and more experienced meditators.


Use the Book Now button in the sidebar - 4 nights from 2 August. A screen will come up with the available accommodation, please select. You will then see a page called Additional Extras. Please select From the Holy Isle to Buddha.