Christmas & New Year Retreat

20 December 2018 - 03 January 2019

Leader: Edie Irwin

Cost Information: See below

Course outline

Tara Rokpa Therapy is an approach to working with the mind which was first introduced by Ven Akong Tulku Rinpoche, Tibetan lama and physician, over 30 years ago. Since 2005 Rinpoche has been guiding senior Tara Rokpa therapists in the development and presentation of Shinay - 'Calm Abiding meditation' - retreats in UK and Germany and Southern Africa. These retreats are geared to helping us bring the awareness that comes from meditation practice to the different activities of our daily lives; to learn to be more aware of our ordinary thoughts, speech and actions, moment by moment. 

This approach is for people who do not necessarily have a feeling for religion, but who wish to develop their human potential in a way which includes a 'spiritual' aspect of their existence and which, for many, unlocks a greater capacity to live happy and useful lives.  Many of those who have undertaken the work of Tara Rokpa Therapy have done so for its unique combination of Buddhist-based philosophical understandings of the mind, as well as understandings drawn from western psychotherapy.

The methods of Tara Rokpa Therapy include relaxation, awareness and compassion based meditation exercises which help to develop the ability to face all that falls within the range of human experience. 

Retreat Description

There will be Tara Rokpa relaxation sessions, art work sessions, sessions to increase awareness in action and three sitting meditation sessions each day. The precise retreat schedule will be discussed with the group, to suit everyone's needs but Edie asks that all participants commit to attending the three sitting meditation sessions daily. The other sessions are optional

Retreat options and prices 

For this retreat there are 3 options:

  1. To stay for the entire period, or
  2. To arrive on Thursday, 20 December and stay for the first period (over Christmas), and then depart on Thursday, 27 December; or
  3. To arrive on Thursday 27 December and stay for the second period (over New Year), and then depart on Thursday, 3 January 
  1. Entire period: 20 Dec - 3 Jan: £770 single room, £560 twins each, £448 dorms. Course fee £325
  2. First period over Christmas: 20 Dec - 27 Dec: £385 single room, £280 twins each, £224 dorms. Course fee £200
  3. Second period over New Year: 27 Dec - 3 Jan:  £385 single room, £280 twins each, £224 dorms. Course fee £200


Use the Book Now button - 7 or 14 nights from 20 December or 7 nights from 27 December. A screen will come up with the available accommodation, please select. You will then see a page called Retreat Description Additional Extras. Please select either Christmas and New Year Retreat, Christmas Retreat or New Year Retreat